Why You Shouldn’t DIY Interior Design

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Your interior space likely needs some updating, and you’re probably contemplating whether to DIY or hire a professional designer. While I believe we are all born with creativity and an appreciation for beauty, that doesn’t mean everyone has the talent to create interior beauty in their home. People can learn the elements of good design and which steps to follow, but good interior design goes beyond following a formula. As an expert in the field, Georgio Savva Interior Designs and Events wants to help you understand why you should leave interior design to professionals.

You lack experience
Visualizing your dream home to look a certain way and actually doing your home interiors are two different things. You need to balance between form and functionality and consider materials and systems that will serve the test of time based on your usage style, weather, environment, natural light, and other factors that are exclusive to your home. You also need to understand how to make proper use of the space around you. Additionally, anything that requires plumbing and electrical issues can be a risky job to undertake as an amateur. No matter how creative you are, it’s always better to get a professional point of view.

Do-overs are expensive
Usually, DIY projects end up costing more because it’s never right the first time. As an amateur, you may make mistakes with the sizing of furniture and/or custom-built ins. Additionally, you may not have the appropriate computer knowledge of different design programs or understand the guidelines and codes that need to be followed. You may also get the proportion of items within a space wrong. It would cost both time and money to fix the problem.

Do things right - Hire a professional
Hiring an interior designer is always a better option than DIY-ing your home renovation project. They’re equipped with the experience, knowledge, and industry connections to make your vision come to life. A professional can allow you to understand and view the finished product before making mistakes. A professional can also bring to light items that consumers don’t always have access to. Professionals are aware of the newest industry trends, which can help them find the smartest solution for your space. Besides, they have enough design experience to notice the flow issues you’re not yet aware of.

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